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Celebrating Pride Month

Excited to share with you the beautiful art created by our residents to celebrate Pride Month LGBTQ+ community. The month of June is a time for joy, colour and happiness in the LGBTQ+ community. And with supporters from around the globe this community of people loves sharing their pride in being positively, uniquely themselves. Just like our residents who were expressing their creativity in support and celebration of Pride Month.

While doing this sensory activity, loved by all participants, our residents had so much fun chit chatting, laughing, sharing stories and being artsy. There was lots of reminiscing about where they’ve seen the most incredible rainbows on their travels, with family and grandchildren.

The end result was beautiful painted rocks that proudly displayed their creative sense of well-being. When they finished painting, each rock was lovingly placed around the private courtyard garden.

Creating art can be a very therapeutic activity that we know helps lower stress and can elevate and enhance one's mood. More important, creating art can increase the quality of life for seniors especially those suffering with dementia. It allows them a way of expression when other types of communication start to fail. Other benefits for seniors in particular;

  • Reducing stress

  • Increasing cognitive function

  • Increase in physical ability (creating art helps promote coordination, decrease pain from i.e. Arthritis)

  • Gives sense of accomplishment

  • Promotes communication, connect with feelings, reducing isolation or feeling lonely

  • Reminisce

  • To promote well-being


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