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My Approach

My Mentoring Approach


Because I’ve been where you are…


Just like you, I’ve been bogged down and derailed by change and challenges that left me seeing life in shades of grey. Everything changed for me when I learned to find hope and inspiration on even my darkest days. I traded doubt, fear, and silence for confidence, positivity, and bold self-expression. Beneath the negative conditioning and lies I had been taught to believe, I found new goals and standards that have brought me to the joyous and fulfilled life I lead today.


Because I’ve done the work…


Eager to help other women experience this freedom of living life on their own terms, I studied the unique and transformative disciplines of Colour Therapy, Therapeutic Harp and Expressive Art Therapy. As a Certified IRIS Colour Life Coach, Colortime® Image Consultant, Clinical Musician, and MARI® practitioner, I have helped dozens of women find new purpose and value in life. I have also supported communities from school children to senior citizens through music and expressive art therapy. 


Because I want to see you shine…


In every mentorship session, I bring both my experience and expertise to the table to give you the compassionate support and effective guidance you need to shape the life you desire and deserve. I chose an intimate approach and work with a handful of women I personally select from the stories they share because I am committed to giving you my undivided attention and care to move you closer to your goals. 

I am invested in your success and happiness, and I can’t wait to help you reach it. Are you ready to make the investment too? 


My journaling workbook is available to help guide you through your transformation journey.




Art by Joan Butterfield

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