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Art by Francesca Durham

My Areas of Expertise


I've been sharing my experience as a mentor for over a decade. And the journey with you keeps getting better. Life is full of surprises.


Whether you're in transition or coping with loss, my mentorship program will give you the tools to begin a journey to new beliefs, goals, habits, and standards that will empower you to handle change with grace and approach each day as the best possible version of you.

Step out of the grey of doubt, and fear and experience the joy of living your life in full colour. My Colourful Self-Improvement mentorship program is designed to help you process and progress beyond the heartaches, traumas, and losses that have overshadowed your life, so you can rekindle your joy, rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with the things that matter to you most.


The Arts ~ MARI® Expressive Art Workshops

I enjoy helping individuals remember their wholeness. And becoming a certified MARI® practitioner allowed me to do just that. Using the MARI® system I'm able to help you SEE your whole self. MARI® is based on the drawn mandala. Carl Jung spent his life trying to understand the subconscious. When he discovered the mandala, Jung said that "as an expression of self, [he had] found the ultimate tool." The mandala passes beneath the radar of the ego and the filters of the subconscious to reveal the psyche as it really is. And that's exactly what MARI® will show you.

Rainbow Harps ~ Recreational & Therapeutic Workshops

Being awarded a grant from the Ontario Arts Council to assist with my music education inspired me to create harp workshops that serve the Halton Region and GTA surrounding areas. I’m a graduate of and mentor for the Harp for Healing Clinical Certification Musician Program (CCM). I'm also a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP).​ Both programs are accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. My goal is to help people appreciate the healing and recreational benefits of hearing and playing live harp music.


I've been doing podcasts for over 14 years. It all started with hosting shows on Blog Talk Radio. Our conversations covered health and wellness issues with experts who had the vision to make positive change happen.


Project Art Curator - Volunteer HBHAS

I've been the Project Art Curator with HBHAS for the past six years. In fact, I was Vice-Chair for two years before turning my hand to fully developing our presence in the community by exhibiting our annual Emancipation Art Exhibition at the Helson Gallery in Georgetown, Halton Hills. I invite you to come and visit us this summer.  Check back regularly for updates.

My Approach

My Mentoring Approach


Because I’ve been where you are…


Just like you, I’ve been bogged down and derailed by change and challenges that left me seeing life in shades of grey. Everything changed for me when I learned to find hope and inspiration on even my darkest days. I traded doubt, fear, and silence for confidence, positivity, and bold self-expression. Beneath the negative conditioning and lies I had been taught to believe, I found new goals and standards that have brought me to the joyous and fulfilled life I lead today.


Because I’ve done the work…


Eager to help other women experience this freedom of living life on their own terms, I studied the unique and transformative disciplines of Colour Life Coaching, Therapeutic Harp and Expressive Art Therapy. As a certified IRIS Colour life coach, clinical musician, and Mari practitioner, I have helped dozens of women find new purpose and value in life. I have also supported communities from school children to senior citizens through music and expressive art therapy. 


Because I want to see you shine…


In every mentorship session, I bring both my experience and expertise to the table to give you the compassionate support and effective guidance you need to shape the life you desire and deserve. I chose an intimate approach and work with a handful of women I personally select from the stories they share because I am committed to giving you my undivided attention and care to move you closer to your goals. 

I am invested in your success and happiness, and I can’t wait to help you reach it. Are you ready to make the investment too? 


My journaling workbook is available to help guide you through your transformation journey.




Art by Joan Butterfield

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