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A Clinical Musician Sharing Her Harp

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Yup, that's me. Managing our Retirement Home Memory Living Neighbourhood has allowed me to bring #therapeutic harp music, when time permits, to #dementia residents who benefit from the experience. It improves their quality of life, sharing 'live' #harp music. And it brings such joy to see the delight in a residents face, a smile and even better, when they reach out to pluck the stings, it's such a worthwhile engaging activity.

Here I am showing and sharing the harp with a resident that finds the whole experience in her words, "hypnotic" and comforting.

Therapeutic harp #music promotes a positive state of mind, can lower pain, ward off depression, calms, and eases muscle tension. As you know our vital signs are expressed in rhythmic terms like brain wave, heart beat, pulse…so that’s why music as therapy works so well: it resonates in SYNC with BEATS!!!!

If you are interested in booking a therapeutic harp experience for a loved one please get in touch with me at

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