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3 Tips To Finding Balance

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Tips That Really Work!

MARI Workshop Joshua Creek Heritage Art Center, Harping For Wellness with The Olive Branch of Hope and Memory Care Adult Coloring Afternoon.

Lately I’ve tuned into people talking about finding balance in their daily lives, myself included. From personal experience I can share that whatever you’re passionate about will feel like an ingrained part of your life. And, likely won’t feel like work. If you’re not sure what you are passionate about could the issue be your expectations? Are they realistic? Or what about looking at your priorities. Do they get in the way of you living and working passionately?

My recent challenges have taught me the importance of finding balance and integrity in living my life authentically. While juggling many things, I love the life I’ve created for myself. And you can too. Here are three tips that have helped me find daily balance.

1. Prepare mentally and accept that balance will be an on going process.

2. Remember to prioritize by deciding what goals are most important.

3. Being specific and realistic. It’s key to achieving your goals.

One of my passions is working in memory care coordinating activities and events customized to those facing cognitive decline. Sensory stimulation, music and art therapy, along with cognitive, physical, and occupational therapies are included in the monthly activities arranged for the residents. Working in memory care is meaningful, purposeful and before long the residents become your second family. That said, I also enjoy recruiting, a former career of many years, as well, I love working in the field of creative expressive arts facilitating Harping For Wellness and MARI Workshops.

How can you find balance? The key is remembering that life is about constant change. So, work through change as best as possible. And you don’t have to change everything at once. It’s ok to laugh, play and have fun along way or at least a sense of humour.

Incorporate these tips into your routine today and see the difference!

Interested in trying something new and different? Thinking about a Harping For Wellness or MARI Workshop? What are you waiting for? Take action today. Contact

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