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She Is Rare and Precious, Mom

How Are You Influenced By Your Mother?

In the very first chapter of my journaling workbook, "7 Keys To A Happier Healthier, Wealthier YOU! much of the focus is on learning about the importance of identity while sharing beliefs, attitudes and values within your family unit, the foundation to a continued path of learning and life lessons. And it's without hesitation that for many, a mother selflessly serves and sacrifices for her children and family.

Within the family unit we operate from a group perspective made up of you and supporting family members. Family is often referred to as your tribe, making decisions and focusing attention on base needs and necessities. And, if you're lucky to have one, family is your means for survival in the material world.

One of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world and also the most rewarding is motherhood. Would you agree that it is important to recognize and honour your rare and precious mother?

To support the first chapter in the workbook on feeling grounded and connected I highly recommend reading, “Loving Mother...No Matter What!” by Marlene George and Hannah Henry. The description states, "It examines the issues children, both male and female, even as adults can continue to have with their mothers. It then provides new insights for these challenges whether mother is still with us or has passed on.” ~ Marlene George.

Realized relationships with our mothers set the foundation for our daughters as they move through their own lives. Therefore I think it’s safe to say that this is a great book for young mothers too because it proves just how much power and influence the matriarchal role has in the family dynamic.

Ultimately you have the ability to transform your relationship with your mother should you wish to find or rediscover that unconditional love for healing, peace and joy.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom 🌷

I’m a holistic #mentor and expressive arts facilitator who helps people just like you find wellness, balance, and self-confidence through the healing benefits of music and creativity.

What are you waiting for? Click on the book for a peak inside.

The basis of your life is Freedom. The purpose of your life is Joy. ~ Francesca


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