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Harp Workshops

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play the harp or are simply curious about this ancient musical (some would say - magical) instrument, then you're in for a treat. Our unique workshops serve Halton and the GTA surrounding areas. They're designed to be fun and inclusive based on music activities that bring people together. 


  Everyone Can Learn To Play The Harp 

Welcome to Your Journey of Healing and

Discover the transformative power of playing the harp with 3 distinct offerings tailored exclusively for those seeking wellness and inspiration.

1.  Recreational Harp Workshops - Happy Harping 

  • Curious about the ancient and magical harp?  Recreational workshops offer a delightful introduction to this enchanting instrument.

  • Dive into the world of happy harping for fun and your well-being. Inclusive activities are designed to bring people together through the joy of music.

  • Whether you've always dreamed of playing the harp or simply want to explore its beauty, workshops provide a welcoming space for musical exploration and relaxation

2. Therapeutic Harp Workshops - Healing & Wellbeing

  • Experience the healing power of expressive harp therapy workshops designed to support mental health and well-being.

  • Explore the rhythmic harmony of music as therapy, resonating in sync with your vital signs – from brain waves to heartbeats.

  • Delve into the soothing sounds of live harp music, carefully crafted to provide relief, comfort, and support on your journey toward emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual healing.

3.  Harp Support Services - Bedside Therapeutic Harp


  • Receive personalized therapeutic harp support to aid in your healing journey, whether it's emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual.

  • Experience the benefits of live harp music, carefully tailored to enhance your quality of life and promote well-being.

  • Bedside therapeutic harp support offers comfort and solace during difficult times for adults and children in hospice and respite care.

  • Musician explains the benefits,

  • Listen to Christina Tourin's song, Shadow Spirit

Why Choose A Harp Workshop?


Workshops and personalized therapeutic harp support services cater to your unique needs and aspirations, providing a safe and nurturing environment for healing and self-discovery.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, inspiration, or emotional support, support services are tailored to guide you toward living more consciously, peacefully and comfortably in life's precious moments. 

Ready to experience the magic? See below to get a quote.


Let the soothing sounds of the harp guide you toward a brighter tomorrow.💜

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