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The African Origins of the Harp:

Exploring the Rich Cultural Heritage of this Timeless Instrument

The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, with a rich and diverse

history that spans many cultures and continents. While it is often associated with

European classical music, the harp has its roots in Africa, where it has been played

for thousands of years.


In Africa, the harp has many different names and forms, and it is used for a variety of purposes, including storytelling, healing, and spiritual ceremonies. Each African culture has its own unique harp tradition, and the instrument has played a central role in the music and culture of many African societies.


To celebrate the African origins of the harp and to explore the rich cultural heritage of this timeless instrument, I'm excited to announce our African Origins Harp Workshops. These workshops will offer an opportunity to learn about the different types of African harps, the techniques used in traditional African harp music, and the history and cultural significance of the instrument.


These workshops are suitable for anyone with an interest to learn more. Whether you are interested in learning more about the history of the harp or in exploring the diverse and beautiful sounds of traditional African harp music, this workshop will provide a unique and inspiring experience.


Workshop includes:

The History and Evolution of the Harp in Africa
The different types of African harps and their characteristics
The techniques and playing styles of traditional African harp music
Improvisation, rhythm, and Storytelling in African harp music
The cultural significance of the harp in African societies

To explore the rich cultural heritage of the harp and discover the beauty and diversity of traditional African harp music contact me to learn more.

Workshop Suggestion: African Origins of the Harp - Movement and Evolution

THEME: African Origin Of Stringed Instruments, Secret Codes & Song

Objective ideas: 


  1. Introduction to the Harps and its connection with the stringed instruments of Africa

  2. Introduction to "Songs of Freedom, Southern Composition, Spirituals...: through the Harps

  3. Introduction to experiential activities with the Harps.



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