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Have You Experienced "Drawing For Art"?

"Drawing For Art" at the Station Gallery in Whitby, ON is more than a visual feast for the eyes and fundraiser. This annual event gives one a sense of community and well-being. And it's worth the visit.

I was lucky to be in the company of artist Georgia Fullerton who gave me a personal tour which was really cool given it was my first time visiting the gallery.

With so much to see, admire, and wonderful sources of inspiration and beauty, one visit is simply not enough to appreciate everything on exhibit.

Curator OLEXANDER WLASENKO did a fabulous job weaving together a story that seems unique to each individual's experience. One quickly gets a sense of how much effort into went making this exhibit visitor-friendly and FUN!

What I learned about the annual "Drawing For Art" event is that it features donated art from artists - to be awarded to ticket holders in a random order. And the surprisingly low ticket cost of $250 is a bargain considering what's up for grabs.

Not just a worthy event, it might become a new annual passion!

Event Date: Sept 29th, 7pm

Exhibition Date: Sept 3rd - 29th

Located in: Iroquois Park Sports Centre

Address: 1450 Henry St, Whitby, ON L1N 0A8

Phone: (905) 668-4185

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