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Look To Nature For Inspiration ~ Swans

Did you know the trumpeter swan is Burlington’s unofficial city bird?

To learn more I've posted several links below including this video clip taken from my walkabout.

To me, swans are the epitome of beauty. And we’ve seen them everywhere from art to our favorite story books like the Ugly Duckling and the famous Nutcracker’s ballet.

Walking through LaSalle Park mid-afternoon on Sunday I could hear, from a distance, the beautiful trumpeter swans. As I approached their popular gathering spot I could see and hear them loud and clear. I forgot how spectacular a sight and sound this is up close. They will be around until March before migrating North.

The black-billed trumpeter swans are equally as elegant and graceful as the non-native mute swans with orange bills. It was beautiful to watch them, respectfully in their space, enjoying the waters, and making music. Although I did notice two photographers sitting quietly and carefully or should I say cautiously taking pictures.

The moment was filled with deep simple contentment. A reminder that life is about freedom, growth, and joy.

How could you not be inspired by and appreciate the beauty grace, and serenity of the trumpeter swan? What a delightful afternoon walk.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” ― Aristotle

For more information see the links.


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