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Book Swap with Friends

Have you considered doing a #bookswap with a friend?

I don’t know about you, but receiving books in the mail or from a friend are a few of my favorite things. Nothing brightens my day more than getting a book in the mail or a surprise package. So why not set up a book swap with a friend? That's what I did this past weekend and the book I received I enjoyed so much I read it the same day!

Whether it’s a simple book related to work, adventure, music, photography, you’ll both enjoy the exchange. The real treat from swapping books is getting together with a friend not to mention the feel of a real book in hand from a real person. I love books that have that worn feel to them. Can't get together just yet with friends? Make it a virtual book swap.

During the lockdown period is a great time to seek out new topics and genres. Has lockdown affected your reading habits? My relationship with #books has grown in terms of appreciating time to reread books on my shelf that I absolutely treasure.

Take this idea and pass it on. Consider a book swap with friends and enrich your #community.


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