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A Feeling Of Community

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Creativity Cultivates Resilience.

It’s been a busy year working creatively in the community being resourceful in new and unique ways. I think of creativity as being a happy habit that needs to be developed. Whether I’m doing crafts with seniors, giving a MARI or music workshop, creative activities give you that “feel good” feeling which tends to boost our drive, motivation and focus.

It’s amazing to see seniors become competitive when learning how to play the harp. Or watch an individual pull from the imagination threads of their lives coming to together on the great round used with Mari. To create a painting, sculpting, drawing, flower arranging, or photography can be relaxing, rewarding hobbies that make us happy, lowering stress levels.

Creating art or playing music is a perfect distraction to give our mind a break from mental looping. When I ask workshop participants what they hope to accomplish from our time together, here are some of their responses.

  • “ I just want to relax.” Lori

  • "I came here to find peace from touching a harp and learning how to play.” Sandra

  • “ I want to do something just for myself tonight” Joanne

  • “It’s a miracle I got here so I plan on having a good time trying something new.” Julie

  • “I’m feeling positive knowing I made a decision to come here tonight.” Katherine

  • “Anything creative puts me in good mood so I try everything.” Martha

Creativity not only cultivates resilience, it’s being proven over and over that art improves mental health. And that’s a good thing. Creative art experiences encourage creative thinking. It offers a sense of accomplishment and improves quality of living. That’s what workshop participants all seem to desperately crave. A feeling of community. That sense of belonging is a basic human need. When we connect with others as we do in workshop settings there is comfort in knowing we're not alone. When participants leave a workshop feeling proud of what they've accomplished it naturally brings us closer together.

Interested in trying something new and different? Consider MARI or learn how to play the harp. Curious about working with a mentor? What are you waiting for? Contact me today!

The rest is easy when you know what really matters in your life.

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