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Life's Little Secrets

  1. No expectations

  2. Define your own success and happiness

  3. Commit 100%

  4. Be grateful

  5. Invest in a hobby

  6. Express LOVE - to yourself included

  7. Take risks - step outside what makes you feel comfortable

  8. If you can do it today, DO IT!

Live in the present every day. Be still when necessary. Go with the flow when it feels right. Opportunity is all around you. Focus on what makes you happy and go after your dreams.

My book Colourful Self-Improvement is designed to help you process and progress beyond the heartaches, traumas, and losses that have overshadowed your life, so you can rekindle your joy, rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with the things that matter to you most. If you're ready, I’m here to help.

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