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All You Need Is Love

Updated: May 15, 2021

Do you believe the most important currency in life is Love?

What do you, any of us really, know about love? If you’ve been journaling through my workbook, "7 Key’s To A Happier, Healthier Wealthier You - Colourful Self-Improvement, the Green section offers an understanding that your birthright is to love and be loved.

Here's a quote from my journal, "Green represents your bridge to the external and internal world linking together the body and mind, your spirit and soul, your health and strength. Here you learn how to act in self-love, compassion, and commitment when following your heart." But how do you follow your heart when you are,

“taught to believe that the mind, not the heart is the seat of learning…” bell hooks.

In today’s post, I’d like to recommend a book for support after you complete the Green section of journaling. If you find yourself questioning what love is, what it really means and how do you find love, especially from the world we live in today, I invite you to consider adding this beautifully written book to your collection. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me on this one. In fact, #staffpick

from @ADFRNTBooklist (A Different Booklist) recommends it too.

Love is your birthright. And no one can take that away from you unless you let them.

Enjoy the practical exercises from the Green section on "letting go" and “forgiveness." Remember to share your stories with me.

I’m a holistic #mentor and expressive arts facilitator who helps people just like you find wellness, balance, and self-confidence through the healing benefits of music and creativity.

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