A Therapeutic Art Tool For Personal Self-Reflection

MARI stands for Mandala Assessment Research Instrument. This whole-brain instrument includes both conscious and unconscious elements of our whole psyche.

Why The MARI Experience?
To remember your wholeness and the beauty in living a healthy fulfilling authentic creative life.

What Is MARI?
An accurate Jungian psychological assessment based on symbols and colours. It reveals a literal picture of the psyche. And, it's a whole-brained instrument that reveals the inner truth of a person. MARI is based on the drawn mandala. Carl Jung spent his life trying to understand the subconscious. When he discovered the mandala, Jung said that "as an expression of self, [he had] found the ultimate tool." The mandala passes beneath the radar of the ego and the filters of the subconscious to reveal the psyche as it really is.

Why MARI Works
MARI allows you to visualize from your own sense of knowing insight and awareness of where you are on life's path. You literally "see" your psychic contents - once you see it, you can change it. You access your own intuitive guidance.


MARI is a non-verbal, non-threatening creative process that speaks to all levels of your being. We respond intuitively to symbols and colours so your choice of symbol and colour reflects what is happening in your life right now.
Through the simple act of drawing a picture, you can become aware of and better understand your subconscious processing. And having then SEEN your psyche laid out in front of you, a shift in your brain occurs.
No longer are your inner processings an abstract concept. You are now FULLY AWARE and this is where you become empowered, as you are now at the helm – consciously aware of how to continue living your life. 
Interested In Taking A MARI Workshop?
This creative art workshop will give you the freedom to see the life you know you really want to start living. The life beyond a shadow of a doubt you know you deserve.
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Rates Simplified 
MARI 1-1 $150
MARI Group Workshop $50/per person
"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." ~ Carl Jung