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Let's Celebrate ~ Nyla's Room

If you like sweet treats you've got to try Nyla's Room.

It was a spontaneous invite to join artist friend #artbyjennylyndjames and check out a new cafe in Oakville, Well, the cafe has been around I believe for 2 years, 109 Thomas St. It was my first time visiting and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Jennylynd!

This intimate space has the most welcoming vibe for a casual cafe. Serving a delightful array of tasty gelato, sorbets, chocolates, cookies, pastries, complete afternoon tea and to my surprise...soups, Jamaican spicy soups.

I highly recommend #blissgelato Jamaican Coconut. And, I enjoyed the Americano coffee served in a memorable mug by the most welcoming, friendly staff.

Artist Jennylynd James introduced me to the owner Hurb, he's super nice. Jennylynd will have some of her #artwork on display in the cafe very soon so be sure to visit next time you're in the area.

Looking forward to my next visit. Authentic gelato, vegan and gluten free options. Chocolate Truffles...yum, yum, yum, treats for everyone!

Interested to learn more? Check them out:

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