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Do You Colour Inside The Lines?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Which colours, which lines?

What does it mean when you colour inside the lines? Does staying in the lines mean you are attentive to details? Do you enjoy the ability to control the end result?

Does going outside the lines mean you aren’t afraid to break the rules? Are you a risk taker or budding entrepreneur? Someone that doesn’t want to be constrained by the rules?

You get to choose. We are all different and unique. Be original. Be you. #livecolourfully

Perhaps the ideal approach should be to see where the colouring takes you. Are you moving toward some type union/uniformity?

Personally, I believe you should stay somewhat within the lines until your creative mind takes you beyond. What do you think?

As your Certified Colour Life Coach I’m proud to share with you my mentoring framework that works with where you are today. I’ll share with you the tools and techniques I use to make change happen. Stay tuned.

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