Harping For Wellness, Healing, And Recreation

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play the harp or are simply curious about this ancient musical (some would say - magical) instrument, then you're in for a treat. Our unique workshops that service the GTA (formerly Halton Harps) and surrounding areas are designed to be fun, inclusive, and based around music activities that bring the community together. Click a pic.


 We offer 3 Programs: 

  • Program #1 - Hands-On-Harps - Our recreational workshops are created to suit your needs. These harp programs are inclusive, interactive, and suitable for children and adults of all ages. Combining social, educational, physical, and intellectual elements, workshops can lead to weekly programs providing a rich and engaging experience for participants. We use the complete set of Rainbow Harps and can include 'RM' coloured hand-bells.​ For Girl Guides Canada- Happy Harping is our innovative signature workshop that has been thoughtfully created for Girl Guide unit leaders to assist the Girl Guides, Brownies, and Sparks to assist with completing badge and core programming. Please contact francescadurham@gmail.com for more details about what the girls get and the activities included.

  • Program #2 - Harping For Wellness - Expressive harp therapy workshops are perfect for anyone wishing to improve their mental health. Destress from the daily grind and relax into the soothing sounds and vibrations of harp music. There are numerous therapeutic benefits to playing the harp such as pain relief, reduce anxiety and depression, relieve muscular tension, stress, and lowering blood pressure.

  • Program #3 - Therapeutic Harp Support Services for Respite and Hospice please call 416-505-4014. I'm a certified regional provider of complementary therapeutic support services for care facilities seeking innovative, non-invasive methods for improving and sustaining quality of life. Harp Therapy can be beneficial to:

    • Augment pain management of the terminally ill

    • Relieve anxiety of the chronically ill

    • Accelerate the physical healing of post-surgery and injured patients

    • Support end of life process

    • Reduce stress and blood pressure of the chronically ill

    • Relieve body and mental tension of pre-operative patients

    • regulates stress-related hormones boosts the immune system and stimulates digestion and the overall feeling of well-being.


Therapeutic musicians help to create a relaxed, healing environment through live music, which studies find to be even more effective than recorded music. If you are interested to learn and try something new please email francescadurham@gmail.com

Rates Simplified


1/2 day Workshop Rainbow Harps $500

1.5 - 2 hours Workshop Rainbow Harps $225


Where Do We Take Our Workshops?


Girl Guides Canada, Retirement Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, Hospice & Palliative Care, Cancer Care Clinics Respite and more

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

~ Lao Tzu

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