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Experience the beauty of a healthy, fulfilling, authentic life.

Few things in life are certain. Change is one of them. Of course, that can be scary. From the natural progression of life to experiences that shake up the world as we know it, navigating our often-shifting paths can be a challenge. 

I’m here to help.

I’m Francesca Durham, a holistic art therapy facilitator, and mentor who helps people just like you find wellness, balance, and self-confidence through the healing benefits of art and creativity.

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Mentor - Personal Self Improvement
Music - Harp Workshops
MARI® - Expressive Art Workshops

Certified Colour Life Coach™ Dip.IRIS

Certified Clinical Musician (CCM)

MARI® Practitioner


Step out of the grey of doubt and fear and experience the joy of living your life in full colour.

My Colourful Self-Improvement mentorship program is designed to help you process and progress beyond the heartaches, traumas, and losses that have overshadowed your life, so you can rekindle your joy, rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with the things that matter to you most.

Whether you're in transition or coping with loss, this program will give you the tools to begin a journey to new beliefs, goals, habits, and standards that will empower you to handle change with grace and approach each day as the best possible version of you.

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Our workshops serve the Halton GTA and surrounding areas. We're a certified regional provider facilitating harp workshops and therapeutic harp support services. We aim to help people appreciate the healing and recreational benefits of hearing and playing live harp music. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please get in touch.
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Turn the chaos and clamour of fear and uncertainty into something beautiful.

Whether you’re coping with a traumatic experience, navigating difficult transitions, trying to make sense of a devastating diagnosis, or feeling hesitant about taking the next steps towards your goals, my holistic therapeutic practice is designed to uplift your heart, reframe your mind, and give you the confidence to embrace the growth and transformation that comes with change. MARI is a non-verbal, non-threatening creative process that speaks to all levels of your being. We respond intuitively to symbols and colours so your choice of symbol and colour reflects what is happening in your life right now. Give MARI a try and literally "see" where you are on life's path.

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